Saying Farewell to a Maverick


Stroke Support Association Board President Diane Vasquez Passes

Diane Vasquez was an amazing individual. A maverick. An independent-minded person.

She was a daughter, Seal Beach police officer, psychologist, teacher, attorney, wife, mother, sister, caretaker, grandmother, parishioner, friend and more.

Including serving as the President of Stroke Support Association Board from 2014 until her passing early May.

Diane joined the Stroke Support Association groups immediately following her husband Michael’s major stroke in 2006. He was in the hospital for a year before he became conscious. After Michael participated in physical therapy, he regained his speech and ability to walk, which allowed him to go home. Diane cared for him with much love and devotion until he passed a year ago.

“The Stroke Support Association saved my sanity and provided me information, suggestions and support which helped me understand the changes we both were going through. I’m not sure I would have survived emotionally without my support group,” shared Diane in 2014.

“I’m proud to be the President of the Stroke Support Association. It is a wonderful group, providing support to stroke survivors and caregivers.” Her fellow board members felt the same about her.

Diane brought unique insight to her position as the Stroke Support Association President, having served as Michael’s primary caregiver, and having suffered a minor brain stem stroke herself in 2013. Her contributions and leadership to the Stroke Support Association will be sorely missed.

Diane is survived by two daughters and two grandchildren.

Diane Vaquez at the 2016 Holiday Party

Diane Vaquez at the 2016 Stroke Support Association Holiday Party

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