Born in Paris, France, Nicolas De Gaulejac, just 18 years old and already an accomplished musician, embarked on European tours with his brother, also a musician. He earned his Master of Music degree from Agostini Private Drum School, France, and also studied at The Toulouse Conservatory in France. To further pursue his career, Nicolas moved to California and attended Musicians... Read More

Running Lessons


Re-learning to Run After a Stroke At the tail end of 2020, I had an ischemic stroke that made it impossible to move my right leg and arm, blocked half my vision, and robbed me of the ability to speak. When I finally woke up, weeks later, all I could think was, “I should have run more when I had... Read More

Meet Ali Parker


Ali Parker has suffered three strokes in her life: the first when she was 18 months old, the second at 21 years old, and the third at age 37. She is, today, only 46. All of her strokes were caused by arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), which are tangles of blood vessels that cause irregular connections between arteries and veins. When she was... Read More

Anthony, a Two-Time Stroke Survivor, Sets Goal a Second Time of Returning to Work


Anthony Schember, age 64, had his first stroke at age 50 and his second at age 63. Both were hypertensive hemorrhagic strokes. Anthony’s first stroke resulted in some left-side paralysis, particularly affecting his fine motor skills. About one month after discharge from the hospital, Anthony came to his first stroke survivor support group at Stroke Support Association. He said to himself,... Read More

A Stroke Survivor and a Caregiver Reap the Benefits of T’ai Chi Chih


Nancy Rolf-Johnson, left, is the Tai Chi Chih instructor at the Bixby Knolls Park (above) and Heartwell Park. Dorothea Elpusan, a member of our caregiver support group, and Paul Gonzalez, a member of our stroke survivor group, have known each other since elementary school and are now engaged.  Dorothea reports on an exercise class she takes with Paul:  “Paul and... Read More

Drummer in Band at Outdoor Concert is a Stroke Survivor


Thursdays in the summer, I love going to the outdoor concerts at El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach. We bring our camp chairs, a little something for noshing, and sometimes meet up with friends. Last Thursday, the local Long Beach group Corday was playing a great mix of old rock ‘n roll with some country mixed in. What a surprise... Read More

A Member of our Stroke Survivor Support Group Shares His Story with a Podcaster


One of our regular members, Jireh, from our Zoom stroke survivor support group, shared a podcast wherein he was interviewed on the topic of being a parent while having a chronic illness. Jireh has Fabry Disease, an inherited rare condition. Fabry Disease is progressive and can cause many issues throughout the body. One of these is increased risk of strokes. Jireh... Read More

In Memory of Lois Mosing


Lois Mosing, a long-time supporter and spokesperson of the Stroke Support Association (SSA), died September 27, 2022. She became a member of SSA in 1982 and retired from the Board of Directors in 2018. Lois was passionate about educating the community on stroke awareness. Her husband Lionel received stroke rehabilitation for over two years at St. Mary’s Hospital in Long... Read More

Meet Jasmine: Stroke survivor, nurse, mother and self-taught artist


Jasmine Jackson is a member of Stroke Support Association’s Stroke Survivor Group Several months ago, Jasmine Jackson began attending our Stroke Survivors’ Support Group via Zoom from her home in Connecticut. Jasmine retired from nursing in 2014 and then decided to pursue her love for art by teaching herself how to paint. The painting below is an example of her... Read More

Meet Edel Delgado Member of our Stroke Survivor Group


Edel Delgado, who had his stroke on August 11, 2018, has been attending our stroke survivors’ support group via Zoom from his home in Las Vegas for more than a year. In group, he is a strong and lovely presence, and when he feels sad or disappointed—or the struggles of recovery from stroke seem overwhelming—he allows himself to cry, which paves... Read More