Rodrigo’s Comeback Update


“I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke on the basal ganglia January 19, 2018. My entire left side was paralyzed – I couldn’t move my arm or my leg. For two weeks I was in a wheelchair, then followed by three months walking with a cane.

“I was fortunate to have received prompt emergency care (within 30 minutes) at Long Beach Memorial. I then spent four days at Kaiser South Bay, and then 14 days of intensive physical and occupational therapy at Rancho Los Amigos in Downey.

“I began attending the Stroke Support Association support groups in May 2018. I remember I could barely walk when I came in to the first support meeting.

“I also remember Gary telling me not to worry; that it might take up to a year to recover and that I seemed to be heading in the right direction. He was right. Thank you, Gary, for that.

“I’m back to working full time teaching fourth grade since August 16th, 2018. It was a bit difficult at the beginning, but through careful planning of each hour of the day and frugally budgeting my energy, I got through the first week of teaching. I’m now in my eighth week and I haven’t missed a day.

“Like so many of my fellow stroke survivors in the group told me (at a time I didn’t believe it), my energy did come back! I’m walking a mile every day. It’s been nine months since my stroke, and I can now jog up to half a mile twice a week. I hope to jog at least halfway of the 5K race at the Stroke Awareness race next year in Downey.

“The four months I spent attending our group meetings did wonders for me. Thank you all for the wisdom and positive vibes I received while I was there. I’ll sure come by and visit one of these days!

“Here’s a video of my weekly jog.”

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– Rodrigo Moraga

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