Mobile Stroke Unit Speeds Vital Response Time for Better Outcomes


Mobile stroke ambulance in Long Beach saving linves

Neuroscience/Stroke Program Director at Long Beach Memorial Angie West, shared with her fellow Stroke Support Association Board members the exciting news of the mobile stroke unit now transporting stroke patients in the Long Beach area.  Having the highly specialized Mobile Stroke ambulance allows the emergency care to be taken directly to stroke patients. This makes Long Beach one of the few cities on the West Coast where this life-saving care is now available within the community.

“The longer the time delay between when a stroke starts and when treatment is initiated, the more likely it is for crucial brain function to be permanently lost,” says May Nour, M.D., interventional neuroradiologist, Long Beach Medical Center and UCLA Health. “It’s critical that the person experiencing symptoms receives immediate medical intervention, and through the Mobile Stroke Unit, we’re able to provide this.”*

The high-tech specialty Mobile Stroke Unit was launched by UCLA Health and funded by the Arlene and Henry Gluck Foundation and the County of Los Angeles. It is staffed by a specialty care team comprised of a stroke neurologist, critical care transport nurse, CT technician and paramedic. When an individual calls 911 for a potential stroke, the Mobile Stroke Unit is dispatched to the scene alongside another 911 Emergency Response Unit. On-scene, both units assess the patient and if they’re having a stroke they will be placed inside the Mobile Stroke Unit.

The on-scene stroke neurologist further assesses the patient to determine the severity of the stroke. During this time, lab tests and an imaging scan are completed. The results from the lab tests, CT scan and patient evaluation will be documented in the patient’s electronic medical record, which is immediately viewable by the on-scene stroke neurologist over the secure wireless network in the Mobile Stroke Unit.

After the treatment has been given in the Mobile Stroke Unit, the team will transport the patient to the nearest approved stroke center for further care.

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