Meet Jasmine: Stroke survivor, nurse, mother and self-taught artist


Jasmine Jackson is a member of Stroke Support Association’s Stroke Survivor Group

Several months ago, Jasmine Jackson began attending our Stroke Survivors’ Support Group via Zoom from her home in Connecticut.

Jasmine retired from nursing in 2014 and then decided to pursue her love for art by teaching herself how to paint. The painting below is an example of her art before she had her stroke.

painting by Jasmine Jackson before her stroke

In April 2021, Jasmine had a stroke with resulting right-sided paralysis. Rather than giving up her treasured avocation, she taught herself how to paint with her left hand (her non-dominant hand that was not affected by her stroke). All the paintings below are examples of her post-stroke work.

Jasmine has a wonderful, large family, which is spread across several East Coast states.

Two of her daughters—Franceen Alcock (New York) and Christine Jackson Fraser (North Carolina)—plus her sister, Veleita Dunkelly (Massachusetts)—regularly attend our Caregiver/Family Member Support Group via Zoom.

When Jasmine shared her paintings with the Stroke Survivors’ Group, we were stunned not only that Jasmine had taught herself how to paint at such a high level, but that after her stroke, she chose to teach herself to paint again, this time with her non-dominant hand, producing art of the same caliber as her pre-stroke works. We were also touched by the love and support of her family members, who despite living far away, have come together to help Jasmine navigate life after stroke.

Contributed by Betsy Hardiman, SSA Support Group Administrator

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