Meet Edel Delgado Member of our Stroke Survivor Group


Edel Delgado, who had his stroke on August 11, 2018, has been attending our stroke survivors’ support group via Zoom from his home in Las Vegas for more than a year. In group, he is a strong and lovely presence, and when he feels sad or disappointed—or the struggles of recovery from stroke seem overwhelming—he allows himself to cry, which paves the way for others in the group to likewise show up and be vulnerable.  Edel is a treasured member of our group.

Edel’s beloved dog Yoshi died on January 2, 2019, not quite five months after Edel’s stroke. It was a devastating loss.

The topic of pets has come up now and then in the stroke survivors’ group—how these canine and feline friends help us when we’re down and delight us when we’re up, how true and loyal and loving they are, and how their passing causes us such sharp grief that only dulls with time.

Recently, Edel wrote a letter to Yoshi, which ended up being a healing experience.

Edel was kind enough to share his letter with the group:

Contributor: Betsy Hardiman, SSA Support Group Administrator



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