May 16: Speaker Leo Costa Jr.


Leo Costa Jr. speaking at Stroke Support Assocation in Long Beach Come to the Stroke Support Association meeting to hear special guest speaker: Leo Costa Jr., stroke survivor and author of book “Three Strokes In Three Weeks Saved My Life”.  Costa will share how he was able to attain 100% recovery after his strokes.  And how he wants all stroke survivors to able to as well.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
10:00 a.m.
California Heights United Methodist Church
3759 Orange Ave
Long Beach, CA

No cost, but donations are gratefully accepted.
Registration not required.
Open to public.  Especially helpful to stroke survivors and their caregivers.

Leo’s Story

At the age of 56, competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer Leo Costa, Jr. suffered three strokes over the course of three weeks. His amazing recovery defied doctors’ expectations, but the real surprise was what Leo learned about himself during this journey.

He used the wake-up call of having the strokes to ask himself, “What was I doing wrong, and why was I doing it?” He learned how to question his choices to better understand his own behavior, and the tools he used to bounce back from failure and adversity.

Other stroke survivors began to learn about Costa and his miraculous 100% recovery through his book. He began educating, motivating and empower stroke survivors by speaking at stroke support groups across the country and sharing his story to anyone who was looking for the drive he could help provide.

He is now on a mission to help other stroke survivors reach their 100% recovery when insurance ends their physical therapy, leaving them to do it alone.

If time permits, usual stroke survivor and caregiver support group sessions will be held after special speaking engagement.

Call (562) 537-0556 or email with your questions.

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