Keep FAST on Your Refrigerator


call 911 for immediate assistance of stroke sufferer

While working at the annual Orange County Stroke Awarness Picnic, a very excited woman approached Christine and Lois at the Stroke Support Association (SSA) table.  She immediately started thanking them for SSA’s participation at the picnic last year and to let us know how we helped her mom.

keep the FAST flyer on refrigeratorThe woman had visited the SSA booth last year and after a conversation with us about the warning signs of stroke and she left with our FAST: Signs of a Stroke handout to attach to her refrigerator.

A few months later, her mom started exhibiting these symptoms and her brother had suggested that “mom is just tired and needs a nap,” and took her to lie down. However, the woman remembered her conversation with us and immediately ran to the refrigerator and saw that her mom was experiencing a stoke. She called 911 and her mother was able to make it to the Emergency Room, where she was able to receive tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) in a timely manner. TPA is a protein used in the treatment of strokes by breaking down blood clots.

We were beyond happy to know that through the SSA’s outreach efforts, we were able to play a role in increasing stroke awareness in this family and the happy outcome as a result.

Download and print your FAST wallet cards, sheets and other online resources here.

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