Award Winning “You See Me” Stroke Documentary Screening at LB Indie



The Stroke Support Association is pleased to announce the screening of Linda J. Brown’s documentary, “You See Me” at the Long Beach International Indie Film Festival.


Linda’s film centers on her father’s devastating stroke; chronicling not only the devastating impact stroke had on her father’s life, but how even after he passed, how their family dynamics continued to shift and evolve.


In addition to the support from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, Linda sought out local stroke support organizations in Long Beach. She learned of the Stroke Support Association on the Internet, and came to our Tuesday support group meetings in Long Beach.

Linda attended the caregivers’ support group her first visit. The participants appreciated that the film does not “sugar coat” what the family goes through and how difficult it can be. “Finally someone is telling the truth,” said one caregiver.

Next week Linda sat in the survivors’ support group. “Being with the survivors reminded me of being with my dad,” said Linda. “I’m in my 60’s, and here some of the survivors were younger than I am. I felt very vulnerable.”

A participant told me, “You can’t live your life in fear. Be aware of health issues and try to prevent stroke with the lifestyle you lead. But don’t obsess on it.”

Linda on Stroke Support Association:

“I found the experience visiting the Stroke Support Association very interesting. I’ve been working on this film for a long time and traveling with the film. I do a lot of Q&As, so each time I didn’t feel as vulnerable as the last time. So, I was unprepared for how emotional I would be sitting in the support groups. When I heard other’s worries, I thought, ‘Oh my God, I remember this. We are walking on egg shells. We’re just trying to live a normal life, but scared every time the phone rings late at night or early in the morning. Is there going to be another stroke or is my dad back in the hospital?’

“The stories really touched me. I will always have in common with these people the experience we now share.”


Long Beach Indie International Film Festival
August 31 – September 4
The Cinemark at the Pike Theatre
99 S Pine Ave, Long Beach

For more details and ticket information go to the Long Beach Indie website.


Learn more here:

You See Me
Producer/Director: Linda J. Brown
Film website
Linda Brown website

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