A Member of our Stroke Survivor Support Group Shares His Story with a Podcaster


One of our regular members, Jireh, from our Zoom stroke survivor support group, shared a podcast wherein he was interviewed on the topic of being a parent while having a chronic illness. Jireh has Fabry Disease, an inherited rare condition. Fabry Disease is progressive and can cause many issues throughout the body. One of these is increased risk of strokes.

Jireh was 30 years old at the time of his initial stroke, caused by a hemorrhagic or ruptured artery. During surgery, doctors found weakened vessels leading up from Jireh’s neck to his brain stem which led them to suspect that a rare disorder might be an underlying cause of the stroke. Two months later, while being examined by his genetics team, Jireh suffered his second stroke, but unlike the first, this was an ischemic stroke. Doctors believed a small clot formed around the repaired area had broken off, causing a blockage of blood flow to a small part of the brain.

Later in the year Jireh would be invited by one of our other stroke survivors to join the Zoom support group meeting.  Jireh has since been an active member and has taken on the role of newcomer contact, a valuable service to Stroke Support Association. He uses his nursing background not only to share his knowledge, but also to bring a unique perspective as a former healthcare provider. Jireh was a pediatric oncology nurse for almost three years before transitioning to adult oncology research, which was his position for close to six years prior to having his first stroke.

Jireh shares how impactful Stroke Support Association has been during his recovery. “This support group has played an important role in my post-stroke recovery journey. I’ve learned to be joyful in hope, patient during the pain, and faithful in prayer. The group has shown me that there is HOPE after stroke.”

Jireh, married with a young son, continues to lean on his support team as he navigates life following stroke.

LISTEN TO Parents As Rare PODCAST  created and hosted by Adam Johnson.

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